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Our La Lucia branch of Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre (KPSMC) opened in January 2021. It is based on the same ethos and principles of KPSMC, which is a multidisciplinary clinic in Durban (first of its kind) formed in 1996.

This La Lucia branch is a vibrant and dynamic multidisciplinary clinic which offers Physiotherapy, Biokinetics and Chiropractic. Being based in the Virgin Active Gym, it offers a superb treatment and rehabilitation facility with a wide range of equipment as well as a Hydrotherapy component (one of the finest in Durban).

Our practitioners treat conditions across the board and are a proud and highly professional unit that integrate well together. We have a strong referral base for conditions that require specialised treatment or further investigations.

Anyone is welcome.
Address : 37 Armstrong Ave, Virgin Active Gym, Umhlanga/La Lucia, 4051
Email : or
Clinic hours : Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm, Sat: 8am – 12.30pm
Appointments :
For Physiotherapy contact the main Office on 031 3033874 or Simone Vosloo on 071 221 2032 for bookings (ask for a La Lucia appointment).
For Hydrotherapy contact firstly the main Office on 031 3033874 for bookings (ask for a La Lucia appointment). Otherwise Clinton Grobbelaar on 082 922 1218 or Simone Vosloo on 071 221 2032
For Biokinetics contact Garth Halgreen : 084 404 2268
For Chiropractic contact Dr. Karmen Manda : 076 130 1114


Simone Vosloo


B.Sc. Human Physiology & Psychology (UP) B.Sc. Physiotherapy (UP)

Clinton Grobbelaar


B.Sc. Physio, B.Sc. (Med) Hons Sport Science


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Simone is an awesome physio. Always manages to sort my family and I out with any issues we have....

- Matthew Maroun

Simone is truly professional with her medical advice, treatment and her positive attitude. I would highly recommend her, she has helped me on the road to recovery with my hamstring issues. Thank you.

- Shaun Edgar

Simone has been treating me for over a year now. Having had extensive back and neck surgery, I was very weary of changing over from my old physio, who had gone on maternity leave. Well I could certainly not be more happy!

- Roaleen Buttery

Simone is always professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend to all!

- Shaheen Bramdev

Awesome venue and great treatment from Simone and Clint

- Chris Beukes

Brilliant service. Highly recommended!!

- Warren Loom

The Benefits of Physiotherapy For You & Your Body

If you’re reading this, then you’ve most likely been injured or have some sort of physical ailment that you’d like to get better from.

Perhaps you have a sports injury, back pain, knee pain, or any other problem that requires you to see a physiotherapist in La Lucia.


While physiotherapy is often associated with treating injuries, it’s actually a lot more than that. Physiotherapy is a medical speciality that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and other conditions through patient-centred treatment.

As a result, physiotherapy can help you recover faster from a variety of ailments and injuries, and it can also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With that being said, it’s always helpful to know what the benefits of seeing a physiotherapist in La Lucia are so that you can decide whether or not you want to make an appointment. Keep reading to learn more.

Physiotherapy will Help with Healing faster

One of the biggest benefits of seeing a physiotherapist in La Lucia is that they can help speed up the healing process. Many conditions and injuries can take a while to heal, and if you’re not seeing a physiotherapist then you’re probably missing out on the full recovery that you deserve. With physiotherapy, you can expect your injury to heal faster and without pain, allowing you to get back to your normal routine much quicker.

Gain Better Range of Motion Using physiotherapy

Another positive result of seeing a physiotherapist in La Lucia is that your range of motion will definitely improve. As we grow older, our range of motion naturally decreases, and if you don’t take any steps to repair or maintain it, then you can definitely feel it. By increasing the range of motion in your joints, you can improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Having a physiotherapist on board can help reduce the risk of injury while you’re training or competing. A large part of this is because a physiotherapist can help you identify any imbalances in your body that might be causing you to fall or lift in a way that’s not optimal for your joints. By working on correcting these imbalances, your risk of injury during training and competitions is significantly reduced.

Strengthen Your Muscles

If you’re not training your muscles, then they don’t get a chance to strengthen. With physiotherapy being a manual therapy practice, you’ll be working on your muscles through manipulation, stretching and sometimes toning. This is great for your muscles, as it gives them a chance to get stronger and healthier.

Physiotherapy Helps Build Strength

Strengthening your muscles can help you feel stronger, but it’s not going to do much for your joints if your muscles are under-developed. By working on your muscles through physiotherapy, you can help them get stronger and healthier and reduce the risk of injury.

Physiotherapy Decreases Pain and Inflammation

Another benefit of seeing a physiotherapist is that they can help reduce your pain and inflammation. This is great if you’re dealing with really persistent pain, as it can help you get relief from it much quicker.

When dealing with inflammation, it can feel pretty awful, and if you’re in a lot of pain, you might be tempted to take an over-the-counter painkiller or two.

While these medications can help with pain, they can also cause unwanted side-effects that can make your pain worse. By working on your pain and inflammation with a physiotherapist, you can reduce the risk of taking medications that can cause more issues.

Improve Your Balance and Coordination

Finally, another benefit of seeing a physiotherapist is that they can help improve your balance and coordination. As we get older, our sense of balance and coordination can start to decline. Even if you don’t have any issues with these things right now, it’s good to get them checked out, as it can help prevent issues in the future.


Physiotherapy is a great way to get better faster and it’s an important part of any injury treatment plan. It helps with recovery time, pain and significantly reduces the risk of re-injury. Seeing a physiotherapist in La Lucia regularly could help prevent injuries from happening in the first place, so it’s worth looking into.