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Our Flanders Mall branch of Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre (KPSMC) opened in October 2020. It is based on the same ethos and principles of KPSMC, which is a multidisciplinary clinic in Durban (first of its kind) established in 1996.

This Flanders Mall branch is a vibrant and dynamic multidisciplinary clinic which offers Physiotherapy, Biokinetics, Wattbike Cycling Classes and Personal Training (Wayne Collin).

Our practitioners treat conditions across the board and are a proud and highly professional unit that integrate well together. We have a strong referral base for conditions that require specialised treatment or further investigations.

Anyone is welcome.
Address : Flanders Mall, 14 Flanders Drive, Mount Edgecombe
Email : info@kpmed.co.za or tiana@kpmed.co.za
Clinic hours : Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm, Sat: 8am – 12.30pm
Appointments : Contact the main Office on 031 3033874 for bookings or Tiana Strydom direct by cellphone 0793504070



Tiana Strydom


B.Sc. Physiotherapy

w: 0313033874 / c: 0793504070



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Services Provided

1. Wattbike Cycle studio. 8 bikes with instructed classes 2 times per day.
2. Group and individual strength training. Wayne Collin: 083 456 0138
3. Stretch classes.
4. In-house physiotherapy with Tiana Strydom: 079 350 4070.

We bridge the gap between treatment, exercise and lifestyle in a fun, professional and welcoming environment with:

With over 20 years in the industry we are extremely excited for the business to now have its own home and continue to help individuals become better.

Click for video: clinic walk-through experience.


I walked in Tiana’s room confused with all the pain I was feeling. She did a break down on every single muscle. Worked on me. Now I am pain free 🙏 also taught me what to do to remain pain free as I continue training hard. Thank you Tiana. Chris

- Kristen Ford

This serves to express my gratitude to Ms MEGAN TONKINSON ( Physiotherapist):
I first consulted Megan at Virgin Active, Gateway, for injuries I had sustained from a fall three years ago and which injuries caused severe right-knee pain, shin and ankle pain, …resulting in impairment of movement, severe “shin-splint” pain and discomfort over a period of three years. The symptoms became progressively worse until I received a series of treatments from Megan.

Ms TONKINSON initially requested X-rays and after her diagnosis set about treating my knee and shins. Megan utilized various modalities of treatment including Ultrasound, movement rehabilitation, stretching exercises as well as massage. She also prescribed home exercises and stretching, followed by weekly assessments of my capacity to actually do the prescribed exercises.

Megan utilized her skills to make a proper diagnosis and thereafter focused on rehabilitative physiotherapy in a series of weekly treatments. I was particularly impressed with Megan’s thoroughness, caring and professional utilization of her physio-skills which resulted in a progressive improvement of my pain and discomfort.

My condition has improved to such an extent that I walk an average of 20km a week, do prescribed gym exercises as well as cycling.
My pain has disappeared and I have stopped using anti-inflammatory medication.
Sincere gratitude to Ms MEGAN TONKINSON.
Megan is highly recommended.

- Anilrai Sangham

Totally satisfied with the services I am receiving and my experiences at KPSMC. They are a great facility with wonderful admin staff and fantastic therapists. I have had no issues whatsoever.

I am most grateful to my awesome "rehab team", biokineticist (Keenan Naidoo) and physiotherapist (Megan Tonkinson and temporary stand-in Misha Erasmus).

They are professional, knowledgeable and highly competent and render their services with a wonderful demeanour for good measure.

I went to them with debilitating back issues. They conducted their evaluations and Megan also checked my scans and x-rays to determine the required treatments. I see them twice weekly and they have also provided a programme for me to follow at home.

We are not done yet, but I am absolutely thrilled with the progress we have made with my issues to date. Progress has been so good that I have also been able to start doing a decent amount of swimming. I haven't felt this good in years.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

A heartfelt, THANK YOU, to a special team.

- Prafool Vala

Joshua is situated inside the Hillcrest Virgin active and is one of the most professional Physio's i have ever dealt with and seen. From his assessment to his treatment and exercise prescription and follow up. Truly a must to see. Highly recommended to everyone.His attention to detail is incredible.

- Clint Saunders

Simone is truly professional with her medical advice, treatment and her positive attitude. I would highly recommend her, she has helped me on the road to recovery with my hamstring issues. Thank you.

- Shaun Edgar

Simone has been treating me for over a year now. Having had extensive back and neck surgery, I was very weary of changing over from my old physio, who had gone on maternity leave. Well I could certainly not be more happy!

- Roaleen Buttery

Simone is always professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend to all!

- Shaheen Bramdev

Awesome venue and great treatment from Simone and Clint

- Chris Beukes

Brilliant service. Highly recommended!!

- Warren Loom

Caitlin is an incredible physiotherapist with so much to offer. She is so thorough in her assessment and treatment and spends time and energy on you. Really gold standard treatment and follows through with exercise program's etc. I highly recommend het to everybody wanting a professional treatment session.

- Russell Bonin

Excellent service from Caitlin. Highly recommended

- Salim Tarr

I've recently started a journey to improve my fitness levels and build my strength. My initial consultation with Caitlin was phenomenal, she made me feel completely safe and comfortable, taking the time to explain all the nitty-gritty.

- Zanele Nkomo

Excellent experience ! Very thorough assessment and effective management.

- Alanna Scott

Excellent quality service!

- Paul Mgobozi

KPMED has a great variety of friendly and experienced practitioners - a one-stop shop for my medical needs. I have only ever received excellent service during my visits and interactions with the clinic and its practitioners.

- Blake Springate

I have been to many Physiotherapist in my life and truly have never felt better after a visit to Kelly at the rooms in Mt Edgecombe Country Club. Her professionalism goes way beyond the call of duty.

- Jackie Feuilherade

Great place. Friendly staff and professional service. These are practitioners who genuinely care about their patients and their wellbeing. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Conveniently situated as well.

- Johann Oosthuizen-van der Westhuizen

It's been a while since I've received great service and friendliness. The physiotherapist Nikolae Naidoo is excellent, he really understands what he's doing, very clean and tidy. Highly recommend.

- Steven Naidoo

Nikolae helped me with my injured ankle. He was very thorough, professional, friendly and helpful during my treatment. Very happy - thank you Nikolae.

- Megan Slaney

Misha was very professional and very thorough with her examination. In addition she did give me strength exercises for my troubled hammy. She is an asset to the team.

- Kelvin Borland

Misha gave an excellent treatment. She's so patient and friendly.

- Aadila Emam

Misha, hard to beat!

- Hoosen Solwa

Misha was extremely helpful! I sprained myself and couldn't walk properly and after one session with her I can already feel a difference ❤️

- Shelina Basdew