Our Hydrotherapy sessions are run by our team of highly experienced Physiotherapists. The water based treatment therapy is based within the small warm pool inside the gym, which is perfectly heated and waist deep. It has railings and steps to assist one getting in and out of the pool.

Hydrotherapy is a useful modality for treating painful conditions as well as aiding in increasing mobility and strength of joints and people suffering from arthritis. It helps to strengthen supporting muscles, improving flexibility and reducing the swelling, aiding post-op recovery.

The buoyancy of the water helps with regards to mobilizing joints comfortably without the force of gravity acting as an unwanted weight. The resistance of the water can also be helpful when structured exercises are implemented to enhance specific muscle strength and facilitate walking. The warm water soothes and relaxes one’s body while strength and mobility is gained. Pain is often relieved at the simultaneously.

Sessions generally last 30 minutes and the patient needs to be ready and waiting at the poolside, correctly dressed in a bathing suit 5 minutes prior to their session. They must make sure they have been to the toilet to urinate and defecate to empty both their bowel and bladder within 30 minutes of their session starting. They must also bring a dry towel, shirt and easy slip on shoes/slops for after their session.

Please make sure you arrive at the facility 15 minutes prior to your treatment session, as this will give you sufficient time to park, enter the gym, complete formalities at the front reception and then be waiting at the small pool in time for your session.

Conditions treated:
Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Back & Joint Pain
Orthopaedics and Post-op rehab
Weight loss
Sports Conditioning & Rehab
Senior Living
Ante & Postnatal
Hip, Knee, Ankle, Spinal & Shoulder Pain and Post-op rehabilitation

Hydrotherapy is used to quicken the recovery of patients following any surgery which results in decreased movement, decreased strength and pain. Hydrotherapy is commonly used for people recovering from lower limb surgery, having difficulty mobilising and /or inability to weight-bear fully. Hydrotherapy can however also be used for rehabilitation following upper limb and back surgery.

Aims of hydrotherapy following orthopaedic surgery
The aims of hydrotherapy following orthopaedic surgery are much the same as the aims of a land-based programme. These will include:
Decrease pain
Increase range of movement
Increase strength
Improve functional ability
Encourage correct functional movement patterns
Improve balance
Enhance quality of life

Advantages of hydrotherapy following orthopaedic surgery Following surgery hydrotherapy facilitates the early restoration of function. Depending on personal goals, this could be walking practice, or enhanced range of movement within particular joints required for functional tasks. Hydrotherapy is effective as it uses the physical principles of water to provide a different, safer environment in which rehabilitation following your surgery can take place.
The buoyancy effect of water relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, allowing patients unable to weight bear the opportunity to do so much earlier without worry of further injury.
The resistance of water can be used to work against in order to build up strength. The amount of effort can be determined by the individual with the alteration of speed. The physiotherapists may add extra pieces of equipment to add further challenges to work against.
The warmth of the water will help tight muscles relax, this will allow range of movement exercises to feel easier, and also reduce pain.

What will hydrotherapy involve?
A hydrotherapy programme for a patient following orthopaedic surgery is likely to include stretching and strengthening exercises, and functional movement practice. Our physiotherapists will create a personalised programme that incorporates the principles of water with maximum effect. Strengthening exercises will utilise the drag exerted by the water to work against, whereas flexibility exercises will use the buoyancy of the water as an advantage to increase range.

Hydrotherapy sessions are offered at our La Lucia Virgin Active Branch

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