Lymphoedema therapy is the comprehensive management of lymphoedema

What is Lymphoedema?
Lymphoedema is a chronic progressive swelling condition which means it is a lifelong condition that can slowly worsen over time however, it can be effectively managed with therapy.

What is involved in lymphoedema therapy?
• Manual drainage of lymph fluid
• Compression bandaging to reduce limb size and swelling
• Fitting of compression garments to maintain reduction
• Advice and education on living with lymphoedema

What are the benefits of compression therapy for lymphoedema?
Compression therapy includes multi-layered bandaging to reduce limb size and control swelling after fluid is manually drained and is worn daily until the limb has significantly reduced.

Compression garments maintain the reduction for a longer period and are custom fit to your body.

Garments come in a variety of colours and style when custom made.

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