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Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre
Lion Match Business Park
The Terrace
892 Umgeni Road

Tel: 031 303 3874/5
Fax: 031 303 3894

Email: info@kpmed.co.za

Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm
Sat: 8am - 12.30pm




" Thanks Hyle for helping sort out my foot. "


" Thanks Braam for getting me back on the water. "


" Thanks for sorting out my injuries - It's only H2o. "


Regular patient at the centre.


" Thanks to the KPSMC team for all your professional work on getting me to the top. Elite treatment from the team. "


" Thanks Clint for getting me there! Donald "


" Thanks for all the rehab dedication and professionalism with regards to all my injuries over the years. You guys rock. "


" Thanks Braam for everything. "


" Keep us working. "


" Dear Greg. Thanks for your help! "


" To Braam. Thanks for quality body care! "


" Thanks KPSMC for all your support over the years. I would never have made it through without all the maintenance and rehab at the rooms. "


" Thanks for all the quality maintenance and support. "


" Thanks for all the support over the past years with regards to professional, cutting edge physiotherapy services and general medical support. "


" Thanks Braam and Clint for all the help with my shoulder and knee operations and rehab, to get me to win over the years. "


Berlin Marathon 2010, time: 2hr 32 (Our Olympic medal hopeful)

" Was crippled with achilles problems in the early part of this year and thanks to superb treatment and advice from Clint, I was able to make a full recovery to compete in the London Marathon and achieve my Olympic qualifying time! "


" This was the first time that I had done this kind of gym training specific for my swimming and it was a great experience. My body has been feeling great and powerfull in the water! " "Thanks to KPSMC"


-participation in Olympic Games Athens 2004

-participation in Olympic Games Beijing 2008

-1st, 2nd & 3rd place in World Gymnasiade 2002

-10th place in World Championships 2003


" I had a one month trip planned for indo earlier this year... I was really battling with all sorts of niggles and pains. Including my lower back and my right knee. The last thing I needed was an injury while I was in one of the best surfing destinations in the world!!! I approached Mackers about 3 months before to give me all round body strength, but also focused on my week points to get me 100 % ready for my holiday. Mackers really did an amazing job of prepping me for indo, with direct core training exercises and stretching techniques. I would definetly recommend Mackers to any athlete!!! "


" Your practice has bennefitted me so much over the years especially when I was a competitive powerlifter.

I fully recommend Clint and his team as Durbans best rehab center for any top athlete and even for the general man in the street. "


" Thanks Clint and team for all the professional work you did to get me back to performing. "


" To Heath, thanks for all your help. "


" To Braam, thanks again for helping me with everything. "


" Thanks to the KPSMC team for all the help for preparations to 2009 Trinations. "


" Many thanks for all the hours put in on my body to keep me in shape over the years. You are all a very professional outfit. The Best "


" Thanks all at KPSMC for all the professional help over the years. The support,dedication and treatment at KPMED was a large part of prolonging my athletic career. Always professional,and going the little extra to service their clients.Thanks KPMED! "

From Lee-Roy Newton World Champion sprint Relay Medalist.


" To Braam, was great working with you, Topman."


(Patient of Sumeshen)


(Patient of Clint)


(Patient of Michelle)


" Kings Park Sports Medicine Center plays an important part in my own and teams success. I have been visiting the centre for 6 years now and have used a number of physios over this period. In particular I would like to thank Heath Matthews, Braam du Toit and Vibhav Singh for all their hard work and dedication and the professionalism in which they treated their patients whether it be professional sportsman or general patients requiring physio rehab. "


" I have been using KPmed for many years and they have helped with many of my ailments. They have always accommodated me at the drop of the hat. I can highly recommend them to any sports person. "


" Hi this is John Dickson from Durban Country Club. I am a Golf Professional and have been fortunate in that the Kings Park Sport Medicine Centre is very close by. I have had some treatments at the facility and have only had good service and importantly good results. I have also had students who have used the centre and been very happy. Golf is a sport that is not very high impact but due to body posture and repetitive movement can be prone to injuries. The Centre is great to not just help deal with any golf injuries but also to help prevent them in the first place. "


" Given a coaching and structural engineering background I assist many sportsmen and women in the analysis and determination of the root cause of their injury. Kings Park Sports medical centre provides a multi-disciplinary facility who appreciates the roles, importance and benefits of a holistic approach that recognizes the science and practical analysis of experienced coaching as a major contribution to any rehabilitation and injury preventative regime. The integration between the various disciplines facilitates a speedy sharing of the key information and results to ensure the patient receives optimum treatment and advice right from the commencement of treatment. The diversity of practitioners? ranges from Sports Psychology to Physiotherapy to Podiatry patients can truly be treated from head to toe. "

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