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Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre
892 Umgeni Road
Lion Match Business Park
The Terrace
Durban, 4001

Tel: 031 303 3874
Cell: 074 412 4452
Email: info@kpmed.co.za


R250 initial trial session.
R450 per single session.
R350 package of 10 sessions.
R300 package of 20 sessions.

Local Cryo:

R350 per single session.
R300 package of 10 sessions.

Cryotherapy Durban

This is an exciting new addition to Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre. Cryotherapy adds another dimension to treatment, management and recovery for our clients. Cryotherapy can be used in conjunction with Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Sports Massage, and Rehabilitation with Biokinetics or even Somatology for anti-aging benefits. It is a well-established and well researched treatment option for a variety of medical conditions and for overall health promotion.

Our Physiotherapist, Yorke Petty, will be heading up Cryotherapy Durban.


On the Tim Ferris show, listen to what Anthony Robins, one of the most incredible human beings alive has to say about Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Local Cryotherapy

Meet the Team





Cryotherapy is the use of low cryogenic temperatures for healing and pain relieving purposes. It is one of the oldest and most widely used types of therapies, dating back to the seventeenth century. Most people are familiar with the use of ice packs or even ice baths to reduce inflammation and aid recovery. The extreme cold causes the body to radically respond, increasing blood flow and releasing hormones and neurotransmitters which collectively speeds up recovery.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a procedure where an individual is exposed to ultra-low temperatures ranging between -120 °C and -170 °C. The client is placed in a cryogenic sauna for a short duration of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. We also offer a local Cryotherapy machine, if client's would prefer to focus on a specific area of the body or injury.

Tremendous success has been achieved treating a wide range of diseases, injuries as well as promoting sport recovery and even playing a significant role in anti-aging. Whole body Cryotherapy has been well researched offering empirical evidence for the effective treatment of many conditions.


     · Back and Neck pain

     · Chronic pain

     · Post-operative rehabilitation

     · Sports recovery and performance

     · Musculoskeletal injuries

          - Muscle injuries
          - Ligament injuries
          - Joint conditions

     · Tendinopathies

          - Tennis Elbow
          - Achilles tendinopathy
          - Golfers elbow
          - Shoulder impingement

     · Inflammatory conditions

          - Rheumatoid arthritis
          - Osteoarthritis
          - Fibromyalgia
          - Ankylosing spondylitis

     · Auto-immune diseases

          - Systemic Lupus
          - Psoriasis

     · Cosmetic (Anti-aging)

     · Weight loss



     The process can be broken down into the following 10 steps.
     1. Whole body Cryotherapy commences

     2. Thermoregulation is activated

     3. Vasoconstriction

     4. Vasodilation rebound

     5. Hormonal release

     6. Pain signal adaptation

     7. Muscle relaxation

     8. Anti-inflammatory response

     9. Reduces oxidative stress

     10. Increased metabolism





Instagram Page:


     Click here to view the whole body cryotherapy process



     · Improves recovery time

     · Increases energy levels and stamina

     · Increases testosterone in men

     · Reduces inflammation throughout the body

     · Relieves pain in joints and muscles

     · Improves effectiveness of physiotherapy


     · Reduced chronic inflammation

     · Reduces chronic pain

     Increases systemic immunity for (Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing spondylitis, Multiple sclerosis,
     Psoriasis, Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), Atopic dermatitis, Asthma, Osteoarthritis)

     · Reduces oedema

     · Improves postoperative recovery

     · Improves libido and is used to treat erectile dysfunction

     · Improves muscular fatigue

      · Decreases muscle spasticity and spastic paresis


     · Improves mood and experience of wellbeing

      · Reduces stress levels

     · Decreases anxiety

     · Decreases depression

     · Benefits seen in sleeping disorders

     · Proposed treatment for Alzheimer’s prevention


     · Reduces signs of aging

     · Increases collagen production

     · Improves skin condition

     · Improves condition of hair and nails

     · Increases metabolism

     · Reduces cellulite

     · Reduces hair loss


     · Pain Relief

     · Injury recovery

     · Inflammation reduction

     · Improved micro-circulation

     · Improved recovery time

     · Increased collagen production

     · Increased metabolism



     I don't like cold. Would it be comfortable for me?
     Even those with a low tolerance for cold report it to be within their comfort range. You are advised to start with      shorter sessions (30 seconds to one minute) and build it up from there.

     How do I feel after treatment?
     During each session the body naturally releases endorphins. Endorphins are the body's natural pain medication      hormones which create a sense of euphoria. This causes you to feel relaxed, improves your mood, increases      pleasure and minimises any pain you might have.

     What happens if my skin is wet or I have used moisturiser before my session?
     Any moisture on the skin can cause skin burns. A towel will be provided to dry yourself before your session.

     Do I need to shower before or after the treatment?
     No, you don't. The treatment is completely dry and will not make your skin wet.

     What clothing should I bring for the treatment?
     It is imperative that all the clothing you wear during your session must be completely dry to avoid skin burns. All      jewellery and piercings should also be removed. You will be provided with a gown, gloves and socks.
     Men: You can wear shorts, board-shorts or simply just underwear.
     Woman: You can wear shorts, your bikini or just underwear.

     Can I use Cryotherapy if I am claustrophobic?
     Yes, you can. The door to the CryoSauna is never locked, and you can exit at any time. The CryoSauna is open at      the top and your head is raised above the rim, allowing you to see in all directions and breathe natural air in the      room.

     Are there any health contra-indications for whole body Cryotherapy?
     Yes, WBC is not allowed in the following conditions:

     · Pregnancy
     · Severe, unmanaged hypertension (BP> 180/100)
     · Cardiac pacemaker
     · Recent heart surgery
     · Valvular heart disease,
     · Congestive heart failure
     · Heart attack within previous six months
     · Unstable angina pectoris
     · Decompensating diseases (e.g. oedema) of the cardiovascular and respiratory system
     · Deep vein thrombosis
     · Ischaemic heart disease
     · Vasculitis
     · Raynaud's syndrome
     · Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
     · Known circulatory dysfunction
     · Severe anaemia
     · Polyneuropathies
     · People undergoing treatment for cancer
     · People who experience uncontrolled seizures
     · Fever
     · Cold allergy
     · Acute kidney and urinary tract diseases
     · Chronic liver disease
     · Open wounds or ulcers
     · Bacterial and viral infections of the skin
     · People under influence of drugs or alcohol
     · Cryoglobulinaemia
     · Hyperhidrosis - heavy perspiration
     · Acute febrile respiratory disease



     With our CryoFacial treatment, pressured liquid nitrogen vapour is sprayed directly onto the face, neck and head.

     Our CryoFacial™ achieves:

     · Immediate tightening of skin

     · Reduction in pore size

     · Reduction of facial inflammation (“puffiness”)

     · Decrease wrinkles and lines

     · Stimulation of collagen production

     · Improve micro circulation

     Click here to view research articles for whole body cryotherapy

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